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The world we believe we live in is a simulation.  Not one in the sense of we’re all computers mindlessly meandering about, but that we’re all relying on a program called a story, which guides our every day experiences. Regardless, we moved forward into a new realm together; a place built by an awakening to an abstract set of perspectives that allowed us to step into a new direction by positive choice. We did this first by experiencing the Vista Effect, which came with a unique set of experiences that offered a glimpse into the life of non-duality. As strange as the experience may have seemed, we were able to see, and witness, a part of ourselves we don’t normally engage.  Instead of listening to the voice inside our heads — which is normally working against us — we shifted our perspective in a positive way by turning that voice into a Silhouette, or Archetype, and allowed our inner voice to be externalized. This simple act of transformation has given us the opportunity to connect, share ourselves intimately, and eventually project empathy upon a part within us that normally plays the villain.

Next, we ventured into the Mnemonic Emulation, or M.E., and witnessed a whole new world offered by the Silhouette. This new world isn’t exactly new per se’, but instead, one that offers a unique vision of how we’re all connected. This connection (explained as Ascendant Threading) is the cornerstone of Simugenics. It is here that we began to see differently through the patterns of possibility, which are outlined through the projection of simulated outcomes. 

Learning to thread these outcomes (aka Outcome Modules, or OMs), is where the true magic behind Simugenics resides. To see the connections is a powerful perspective to own, but to understand the driving emotions behind them, is what really pulls it all together.

When I first began understanding what Simugenics was, I was eager to develop it into a system that shed light upon the reasons we fail, succeed, or take no action at all. 

Not just on a physical level, but also an emotional and spiritual one. I knew throughout my own life that nothing happens until something moves. (Robert Ringer)

Whether it is physical or non-physical doesn’t matter, it's the outcome as well as the validation behind my own beliefs that I’ve always found fulfilling. Within this period of reflection I uncovered not only Ascendant Threading (the progression of our emotional, spiritual, and physical connections and how they flow together), but also that there are typically 3-5 core emotions that govern almost all predicted pathways to outcome. Sometimes there are less, sometimes there are more, but if you stick with the 3-5 model it allows us to witness a much clearer path within the Ascendant Threading. In short, by underlining the emotions within an OM, we are able to set a framework that offers the opportunity to move beyond our own filtered meaning of each emotion, reprogram those emotions, then enter a better emotional state because of it.

For example; one person may experience fear within a projected outcome that causes resistance or avoidance. Yet another person may see that same fear as a symbol that outlines the correct path to take in order to achieve the same desired goal. This shift in perspective on the same emotion allows us to therefore reprogram our initiatives. So, if the person that saw fear as a crutch now sees it as an asset, this could give them the opportunity to change the way they perceive their own limitations leading them to act and achieve, instead of resist or avoid.

Again, this isn’t just about setting goals or creating habits. When I took this into the realm of personal legacy, spiritually, divinity, mortality, and self-reliance, I found the same success rate using Ascendant Threading to answer the tough questions, as I did with the ordinary questions such as those about work, daily living, relationships, etc.

Hopefully you can see the power and simplicity of Simugenics. Not only are we able to move into unique and profound experiences, but we can now ground those experiences through the re-shaping of our own emotions, and of course, choose and fulfill whatever outcomes we desire.

The Mnemonic Emulation


The Gift of Emotional Self-Reliance


To be led by our own agenda. To trust the self, completely, and work with fulfilled purpose knowing we’re on the right path.


We tend to follow others during times of uncertainty within our own complex life choices and work leaving us without legacy.  This can cause uncertainty, overwhelm, and even depression. The biggest overall result is the feeling of not reaching one’s potential.


To show us the truth behind each emotion, then offer a counter-emotional outcome in order to begin pursuing positive self-regulation (PSR). This helps curb decision overwhelm so that proper choices can be made instead of guessing if you're making the right ones.

Program Description

Short Synopsis

Most of us believe the choices we're making are our own. Unfortunately, this is simply not the always the case.

What you will learn in Nightingale is what it's like to trust yourself, fully, while filtering out a world set by its own self interests. The greatest take-away is self-empowerment, but not at the cost of gaining control over others. Instead, it will allow you to move into an authentic part of the self that is ready to take control over its own initiatives.

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Brief Description

Nightingale begins with the model of Hansel's Stratagem, which shows us how we accept other's guidance as our own. This integral lesson allows us to see the unintentional manipulation of others, especially in the realm of self-help, spirituality, and abundance. We are then given five emotions (Uncertainty, Fear, Doubt, Frustration and Ambivalence), which are outlined through an entertaining simulation about an English Philosopher in medieval times. The resulting outcome is a re-aligning of the five key emotions in order to see our own Ascendant Threading towards outcomes within our own physical lives.

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